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Attack Your Metabolism

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Cardio Athletic
Alex McLean | Dec 28 2012
20 min On My Way
Up to the challenge?  Able to test your limits?  Familiar cardio moves sequenced together to attack your metabolism and bring out your inner athlete!



Up to the challenge? Able to test your limits? Familiar cardio moves sequenced together to attack your metabolism and bring out your inner athlete!

Alex McLean - Jul 26 2015

Thank you, Sara!! Glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to add it to your favorites playlist so we can work out together again! Keep GLO-ing!
Sara Williams - Jul 23 2015

This was fun, thank you!
Alex McLean - Jun 17 2015

Great! We have a wide variety for you to choose from! Keep me posted on your workouts!
Alex McLean - Jun 16 2015

Thanks Liz!! Which workouts do you gravitate to: cardio, strength or a mix of both?
Alex McLean - Jan 18 2015

Thanks Toni!! I agree, what a great way to start the day! I know you rocked the workout! Keep GLO-ing!
Toni Rae Salmi - Jan 14 2015

Thanks, Alex! Great way to start my day!��
Alex McLean - Oct 21 2014

Way to go, Julie! It's challenging to work out while traveling, you are committed! Keep me posted on your progress and keep GLO-ing!
Alex McLean - Jul 16 2014

Thanks Jennifer! You're right on, can't think of a better way to start the week! Let me know how you start next Monday! :)
Jennifer Hawthorne - Jul 14 2014

Happy Monday! Great routine to start the week!
Alex McLean - Jun 30 2014

YEAH Sharon...what a way to start! I know you were rocking it! Let me know how your other workouts go! Can't wait to work out with you again!
Sharon McDermott - Jun 25 2014

I haven't exercised in a while (aerobics) and came across FitGlo and your workout. I joined yesterday and gave your workout a go. Wow! Am sweating and feel good for it. Amazing that only 20 mins can feel like longer. Going to make it a regular routine now. Thanks
Alex McLean - Mar 13 2014

Hi Rose,
Great observation! Everyday these workouts will feel different to our bodies depending on previous workouts, hydration, what's going on in our day to day life, etc. Also sometimes when we are doing a workout for the first time, our brain is busy learning and so it can often feel harder the first time out. Let me know how the next time goes! Keep GLO-ing!
Rose Layman - Mar 01 2014

Great work out--felt harder than a level 1!
Alex McLean - Jun 26 2013

Way to go, Anna!! You rocked it! Come back for more! :)
Anna Crouch - Jun 24 2013

Wow....for only 20 minutes, this was a GREAT workout. By the end, I was getting pretty wiped!
Alex McLean - May 29 2013

Great job, Nora! Way to bring it!
   FitnessGlo - May 29 2013

Henrietta - We just emailed you some tips to help with the streaming.
Henrietta Talfourd-Jones - May 29 2013

This kept pausing on me so I wasn't able to finish. Really bummed as I was enjoying it
Nora - May 28 2013

Oh yes, my metabolism was attacked (or at least, I hope!) Awesome 20 minutes!
Alex McLean - Jan 21 2013

HAHAHA Aimee, I love it!! I understand, I lived right outside Chicago for 2 years! Keep GLO-ing with us!