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Prepare to Sweat

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A one stop fat-blasting, muscle-firming workout. Grab a ball, a set of hand weights and prepare to sweat. Although intense, each cardio drill has 3 levels to chose from. So hit play and let's get started!

Catherine Cormier - Apr 08 2015

Wow - absolutely loved this workout :) Lots of fun new-to-me moves and I loved the little bursts of cardio throughout the workout.
Jeffrey Scott - Dec 10 2014

Thanks Diana!
Olivia, you are a "SUPA-STAR!"
Olivia Harvey - Dec 06 2014

Great work. I feel like a "SUPA-STAR!!" :)
Diana Hendrickson - Nov 13 2014

Love this workout - a new favorite! Love your creative - and effective moves!
Jeffrey Scott - Jan 16 2014

I love it! You guys are amazing. So glad you are enjoying the workouts!
kim johnson - Jan 16 2014

This one KICKED my butt :)
Karen Carnell - Jan 15 2014

Superstar! Love your workouts, they always deliver! Thanks, Jeffrey!
Karen Carnell - Mar 06 2013

Love it! Lots of bang for the buck! Thanks!
Jeffrey Scott - Jan 27 2013

Thanks Erin & Courtney, this is one of my favorites.
Courtney Rowin - Jan 19 2013

Loved this workout. Simple moves, and lots of sweat!
Erin Doucet - Jan 14 2013

Good workout!