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HIIT - Strength, Endurance & Cardio Challenge

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One stop shopping at its best! These high intensity intervals will challenge strength, endurance and cardio!

Alex McLean - Feb 12 2016

Way to rock it, Kinsey! Haven't heard from you in a while but I know you're consistent in your workouts! :) Keep GLO-ing!!!
Alex McLean - May 08 2015

HAHHAHA Wendy....I was thinking the same thing!!! Who does that??!! :) Thanks for rocking it with me!! Until next time!!
Wendy Nystrom - Apr 14 2015

Holy smokes, Alex! That was crazy! When you went right into Tabata from HIIT I thought, "what have I gotten myself into?" :) But what an amazing fast-paced workout. I'm absolutely dripping with sweat! Thanks so much...
Alex McLean - Apr 02 2014

Thanks Lourdes! I love your consistency with your workouts! :) I used 10 lb weights. But you can pick the options that work for you that day such as bending vs. straightening the arms, using 1 vs. 2 vs. no weights, etc. Keep rocking!
Lourdes Klaastad - Apr 01 2014

Hi Alex, awesome workout - I love your routines !!fun varied and effective. Just a question, how heavy are your dumbells in this program? just to see how much I should start with :-D
Alex McLean - Sep 15 2013

HAHAH Karen, you rock! I'm sending you a virtual sweaty hug! Keep up the great work!
Karen Carnell - Sep 14 2013

Wow, what a class! I was so sweaty that I didn’t want to hug myself at the end! Thanks for the awesome workout!
Alex McLean - Jun 04 2013

Way to go, Julie! Yes, this is a challenging one, no doubt about it! Thanks for getting your sweat on! Keep GLO-ing!
Julie Vercouteren - Jun 04 2013

This is one of the work-outs that keep you humble for sure! I think I'm in pretty good shape and then I do this work-out and realize I can be in even better shape. So, this is going in my favorites! Thanks for kicking my gluteous maximus today!!!
Alex McLean - May 28 2013

Way to bring it Melina and Marie! Keep coming back for more!
Marie Waugh - May 26 2013

Challenging short workout!
Melina Felix - May 23 2013

Holy ****!!!
Alex McLean - May 12 2013

Thanks everyone!! Glad you rocked it! More is on the way!! :)
jolene finger - May 11 2013

MORE MOE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
Carolle Fernando - May 08 2013

thank you for this one! loved it!
carrie sharp - May 08 2013

That was crazy! Loved IT!
Alex McLean - May 08 2013

Way to go, Amy! Be sure to check other HIIT workouts to add to your playlist!
Amy Marsh - May 07 2013

That was tough, but great! Thanks!