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Cardio Combo

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Amy Dixon | Jan 06 2012
30 min In the Groove
This complete 30-minute workout utilizes two sets of handweights and incorporates easy to follow cardio combinations, total body strength training and flexibility training.



This complete 30-minute workout utilizes two sets of handweights and incorporates easy to follow cardio combinations, total body strength training and flexibility training.

Amy Dixon - Jun 25 2014

Hi Molly, great question. You can replace the lunges with a squat if that feels ok to do. Other options include decreasing your range of motion on the lunges so you don't lower down so far. Or you could just hold a split-stance position with your feet for exercises with lunges and upper-body combined. I hope this helps! -Amy
Molly James - Jun 24 2014

I was wondering if there is a way to modify the lunge? Or where to search on-line for exercise modifications? I have an old injury and the area where the top of my foot meets the front of my calf is very stiff. I have trouble when my bad foot is extended behind me. Any ideas?
Amy Dixon - Apr 30 2014

Hi Leila, so glad you found the right fit to go with the rest of your program. Awesome! - Amy
Leila Nelson - Apr 28 2014

I'm doing the intermeidate program to get me on the path to stepping it up. I swim and cycle but I knew I needed more. This was perfect! Thank you.
Amy Dixon - Mar 10 2014

Diane, sounds like you are off to a great start with your 8-week program. Way to go! - Amy
diane boydell - Mar 09 2014

This was a great workout. I am starting the 8 week intermediate routine and this was the perfect way to start off. Your classes are very easy to follow. Thank you.
Amy Dixon - Mar 06 2014

Kimberly, my pleasure. Welcome back to your exercise routine. We look forward to seeing you again soon at FitnessGlo.- Amy
Kimberly Davis - Mar 06 2014

First day done! Very nice combo routine to start for me. I can feel the legs are a bit wobbly after a few months of inactivity. Thank you for the wake up call!
Amy Dixon - Feb 17 2014

Melissa, congratulations! Keep at it. - Amy
Melissa Jones - Feb 17 2014

day one down!!!
Amy Dixon - Jan 08 2014

Brianna, thank you for the positive feedback! - Amy
Amy Dixon - Jan 08 2014

Beth Anne, congratulations on starting the 8-week program! I think you'll love it. And I'm glad you enjoyed your first workout of the program! Keep rockin' it. - Amy
Brianna Mebane - Jan 08 2014

Love fitnessglo!!! It's so easy to work out now, great class Amy!
Beth Anne Bonetti - Jan 06 2014

I started the 8-week program today which began with this workout. I need to get back in the exercise groove now that the holidays are over. Thank you for another great workout. Definitely feel that my leg muscles were worked.
Amy Dixon - Sep 09 2013

Hi Melissa, I'm so happy that you enjoyed my workout and found out just how simple it can be to workout from you computer. Thanks for the kudos too. I can't wait to workout with you again very soon. Cheers, Amy
Amy Dixon - Jul 01 2013

Hi Meg, Way to go! Keep it up. xo, Amy
Meg Suzuki - Jul 01 2013

Day 1 of the 8-week level 2 program. Thank you Amy!
Amy Dixon - Jun 07 2013

Hi Michelle, I'm so happy to hear that you loved the intensity of the workout as well as how simple it was for you to follow. Those are the best workouts as far as I'm concerned. Have a great weekend! Amy
Amy Dixon - May 20 2013

Hi Angie, I'm so happy that you love this workout for it's perfect intensity. GREAT WORK! Keep it up, Amy
Angie Hennessey - May 19 2013

That was so much fun! It was challenging, but I was able to keep moving the whole time. Thank you so much! Yay!!!