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Muscle Toner

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The perfect choice for the days you are looking for a light to moderate intensity workout. This 30 minute muscle toning, calorie burning workout will keep you moving and having fun! We use one set of hand weights and work every muscle from head to toe. Multiple levels of intensity are shown for participants of all levels.

Jeffrey Scott - Sep 08 2014

My pleasure Kinsey!
Kinsey Flauding - Sep 08 2014

This was an awesome workout Jeffrey! I loved all the levels of intensity, even just staying at a moderate pace I got an excellent workout. thank you!
Jeffrey Scott - Jan 18 2013

Way to go Marlene!
Marlene Konkoly - Jan 18 2013

I loved this workout! It was just what I needed today. Thanks!
Jeffrey Scott - Jan 04 2013

Thanks Diane! & Vanessa!
Jeffrey Scott - Jan 04 2013

Thanks Colleen! Your request is heard and you can count on my Click and Glo's in the future. Keep up the great work!
Vanessa Sellers - Dec 22 2012

Great workout. Thanks for the laughs too
Jeffrey Scott - Dec 12 2012

Hi Terri, Keep showing them! Thank YOU!
Jeffrey Scott - Dec 12 2012

Hi Collen, You got it!
Terri Boysen Berry - Sep 05 2012

I am showing my teeth Jeffrey, thanks again!!
Colleen Jordan - Sep 03 2012

Great class,! More of this format please!